Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm never going to do this again...

Am I the only one who tells myself I'm never going to do this again whenever I have an art show? The stress is just to much sometimes. I have had several mini breakdowns over the past couple of weeks. I keep thinking to myself, God I just want to get a nice simple 9-5 job that I can actually go home from. How nice it would be to be able to leave my work at the office.

Someone told me once that every successful artist they knew was the type of person who would be successful no matter what they did. So I was thinking, does the converse also hold true? Is every unsuccessful artist the type of person who would be unsuccessful no matter what they do? Then I thought, well fuck it! If I'm going to be unsuccessful at whatever I do, I might as well be unsuccessful doing something I love, being an artist. Embrace it! Celebrate it! Make a show out of my failures!

But on the other hand I might as well just be unsuccessful at a job that pays well, or at least pays the bills.

Or maybe I just need to revisit my definition of success.

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