Special Thanks

I want to thank the following people for so generously helping out with this project.
My Mom, Mary Winegarner
Marjorie Campbell
Aimee Sones
Ian Ruffino
Nate Ricciuto
OSU Glass Club
Richard Harned
Linda Diec
Molly (Glass Gaffer)
Jessie Blackmer
Prudence Gill
Steve Takacs
Laurie Murphy
Chris Purdie
Ash Woolson
Logan Beach
Christine Soliman
Diana Matuszak
And many, many more who have helped and participated in the project but who I haven't listed here. I haven't forgotten you, I'm just a little stressed out right now :-)  I love you all.

And a special thanks to the following people for making this whole thing even possible in the first place.
Furgus Family Fund
Sergio Soave
Ken Rinaldo
Amy Youngs
Todd Slaughter
Malcolm Cochran
Prudence Gill